Today is a 1 day

This is the post excerpt.


Lets make a new beginning.

I have learned so much over these last years and I had visions of how things would be.

Then things went very quiet. I knew I had changed but it seemed as if it was all going to filter down to more of the same thing – only worse.

Then I saw this sate coming. 10/10/2017 which equates to 10/10/10 oe 1/1/1. Although I am not a numerologist I could not resist taking a second look.

I am not an astrologer either or a medium or psychic or a twin flame perhaps. I am just a woman – no ages given here but I have had “experiences”……

But when I read my favorite  astrologer’s blog this morning on WordPress – Tara Greene – I realized that indeed this is the FIRST DAY….a new beginning.

A reluctant believer in astrology I have given over to believe in the general trends that we see predicted by the stars. And today’s omen of Jupiter moving into Scorpio in addition to the specially magical date was too much to resist.

This next 13 months of Jupiter in Scorpio will be the calendar address for some of the most profound changes ever to take place on Mother Gaia. I want to be here to help – as a resource. Huh you say –  I’ll bet she doesn’t know anything.

You are absolutely correct. But then none of us do.

Lets look at these times together. I’ll share a wee bit of wisdom and perhaps humor to help you get through the days if you’ll let me.

No more – this is ENOUGH for a first post. Yes – you are absolutely correct. But we will have MUCH to talk about – one drop to the other.









I have been part of three conversations today about the loss of the “written word”and photos to the computer and the internet. In the first a lady wrote a check for a purchase and the computer/cash register did not quite know how to handle it. Or at least the cashier didn’t causing quite a brouhaha.

The second was a followup conversation between the cashier andmyself- both of whomwere part of the “over 50” generation. We were speaking of the treasure we see in old recipes and written letters sent to us by relatives – mother and aunts – who are no longer on this earth in human form. And how close it makes us feel to read or touch these documents.

The third is based on this quote about Consuelo and Antoinne Saint Exupery whose tumultuous marriage was the basis for his famous children’s book THE LITTLE PRINCE.

“I always tremble when I open the files or trunks where my husband’s letters, drawings and telegrams are piled,” she wrote toward the end of her life. “Those yellowing pages, spangled with tall flowers and little princes, are faithful witnesses to a lost happiness whose grace and privileges I value more strongly each year.”

Is all sense of reverence for the past and human communication gone? Can we revive it?How would we?


Only one thought to share today

And it comes from Andrew Martin of AndrewMartinEnergy.com to whom I give full credit for this powerful idea:

“The suffering starts only when you allow yourself to believe there is something wrong with what is.”

This says a lot that we have heard many times before: It’s all good. Surrender, Allow, Be patient etc. etc.

But it says it in a new and different way.

When I pondered it a few minutes i felt the relief and peace flow all through me and I became the flow.

In particular for me I have lived as though everything was wrong since on one fateful day in 2013 my beloved husband had a massive stroke and died. From that moment on everything was wrong for me.

But maybe I am finally at a place where I am ready to hear this truth.

At any rate – it was life changing for me…..and I hope it will be for you.

Suffering starts only………

Much love from me to you today!